HX516 Images
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Here are some images. Click on the thumbnail to see the full sized image then use your Back button to return to this page.



SaturnM1_1.gif (26752 bytes) M1 (Crab Nebula) taken with HX516 camera and LX200 10" at F10.

Exposure 3 min 2x2 unguided

Saturn superimposed - taken with same setup but with exposure of 0.05 sec.   




M51_9x300s_sum.jpg (39523 bytes) M51 (Whirlpool Galaxy) taken with HX516 at f6.3. stack of 8x300s binned 2x2   





Jupiter_&_IO&Europa.jpg (73212 bytes)Jupiter with Europa and its shadow on left and Io on right. Exposure of 0.05 sec at f30 with HX516





M104_2x300s_sum.jpg (11719 bytes)M104 (Sombrero Galaxy) taken with HX516 and LX200 at f10.

2x2 binning with two 300s exposures stacked




  Moon020425B.jpg (81569 bytes)





Moon020425E.jpg (100794 bytes)





Moon020425C.jpg (126313 bytes)A series of images of the Moon taken with an HX516 camera and LX200 at f10 - exposure 0.02 s





Moon020425D.jpg (103095 bytes)